to installing LUX LES Dom-Dekor wooden wall Peel&Stick panels.

Here we provide step-by-step instructions for installing all of our LUX LES Dom-Dekor wooden wall Peel&Stick panels. Instructions for each type of product are available to review and print out. In addition to obtaining excellent final results – meaning a fantastic-looking wall – it is important you follow these instructions to ensure that your product is properly protected under our warranty (please see the “WARRANTY” tab).

The adhesives used in the Peel&Stick wall panels are rated for 7-10 years of adhesion. In some instances that may not be the case due to an any of the following factors – kind of wall finish, paints surface textures or other external factors such as temperature, humidity and chemical constituents of your wall.

Installation of our wooden wall panels is made simple by adhesive backing, allowing peel&stick application. You will also need a few supplies to complete the job.

  • Cutting tools that may be necessary: a utility knife, handsaw, jigsaw, or miter saw.
  • Other tools you may need: a tape measure, 4′ level, straight edge, pencil for marking the wall and a ladder if you are installing above your height, etc.

Tips. Don’t forget to bring your imagination! Our panels can be installed not only horizontally but vertically, diagonally, chevron or in any unique pattern you think of.

ATTENTION!!! Be sure to wear safety glasses and hearing protection when working on your project. Use a respirator when cutting and creating wood dust. For your protection and that of those around your work area, always think about your safety and that of those around you.

For best results, ensure the following!

STEP 1. Prep the Wall Adequately.

Clean Dirt and Grime. Make sure your wall surface is ready for the installation of LUX LES Dom-Dekor wooden wall Peel&Stick panels. Residual grease, grime, mildew, chalked paint or any other type of surface dirt must be cleaned from the surface because these can prevent optimal adhesive bonding. You can use sponge-washing with TSP (trisodium phosphate), available in hardware stores or home centers. Make sure that walls are completely dry before applying LUX LES Dom-Dekor wooden wall Peel&Stick panels.

Heavily Textured Drywall or Plaster: Walls with heavy drywall texture will need to be block-sanded or skim-coated, and then primed, in order for the adhesive to form a firm bond. Ensure that your plastered wall is clean and dry with no loose plaster or contaminants. Finish with a good quality seal/primer for the adhesive to form a firm bond.


Our adhesive works best on clean, smooth, finished surfaces. Uneven or surfaces with dust will limit the effectiveness of our adhesive. Higher sheen premium paint finished walls may require light sanding prior to installation. Dust off and ensure the wall is dry and clean.

Before you begin condition (acclimate) your panels to the room. With all panels in the interior space where they will be installed, stand them individually along the long edge or lay them flat with wood sticks spaced between them so that air circulates around each panel. Let stand for at least 24 hours if installation is above grade and at least 48 hours if installation is below grade level. For all below grade applications, always use a vapor barrier between the outside walls and the studs. Remove all trim. Turn off the electricity before removing all receptacle covers. Once the panels have been acclimated to the room, place your paneling around the room in an attractive arrangement of grain, pattern or color. Previewing this way is especially important when you use panels with a definite direction in the pattern. Once you have a good aesthetic sequence, number the back of the panels in the order in which they will be attached to the wall.

STEP 2. Measure the Space.

Once clean, it is important to plan out the layout of your decorative wall panels because each home’s dimensions vary so vastly.

Do a Dry Lay. Prior to beginning panel application, do a dry lay of panels on the floor of an open area. Use panels from several cartons of LUX LES Dom-Dekor wooden wall Peel&Stick panels and arrange them according to your desired aesthetic.

Measure the space. Measure the space to calculate exactly how many panels you will require. Figure out how many boards you need.

Calculate how many boards high you can go and whether any boards will need to be cut down (along the long side to reduce the height of the board). Think through where you would want the cut boards – bottom, top, or middle of your layout.

To ensure a level installation, mark the width of the panel from the floorboard vertically up along the wall. Do this on the bottom left and bottom right of the wall. Use a level to draw a straight line or snap a chalk line between these marks. Use this as your guideline, applying the peel&stick panel flush with the chalk line. Start your installation in the corner that you see first when entering the room or work your way across the wall, from left to right.

STEP 3. Place panels, cutting as you go.

Once you’ve got your wall planned and leveled, now you can start placing the panels in the layout you find most aesthetically pleasing. We recommend a staggered panel layout with most panel designs to create an organic flow that feels natural.

Tips. In order to stagger the panels, cut a panel down to two thirds its size and use it as your starting piece on the second row. Continue across the wall using full-length panels. Start row three with the one-third piece you have from before. Continue with full-size panels.

Tips. More Fun with a Partner. Installation of LUX LES Dom-Dekor wooden wall Peel&Stick panels is much easier if you have a second person to help, particularly in the process of establishing a completely level starting line (first row of panels you install). If working alone, it is advisable to tap 1½” finish nails halfway into the wall, every 100mm along a 100% level starting line, to help position the panels accurately when installing horizontally.

Begin placing your panels, removing the adhesive cover and sticking one at a time with solid pressure. Make sure you don’t jump around and skip a row when placing the panels, as they are designed to be precisely interlocked together. Chances are, the panels will require a slight trim to completely cover your wall. You can cut the panels horizontally or vertically to fit the required area.

Peel the paper off the adhesive and place your first board. Be sure to press evenly to ensure maximum adhesion! Once you’re certain the adhesive is firmly in place go ahead and continue with the rest of your installation. Place your second board next to it. You’re getting the idea!

Tips. Give it a couple of hours after your first board to make sure the finish of your wall does not reject the adhesive.


Congrats! You’ve made it to the end of the row. Carefully mark your cut and use a jigsaw, circular or power saw to make a clean cut.

Double-check all measurements before cutting panels. To cut around openings like electrical switches or outlets, turn off the power at the main panel and then remove the cover plate to the switch or outlet. You can wipe lipstick or a crayon around the rim of the box and then press the panel into place to dry fit the panel. As the panel makes contact with the box, an outline will be left on the panel from the lipstick or crayon. Place the face of the panel down and use a jigsaw to cut around the outline. Make sure that the panel opening is resting on the wall and not on the lip of the box. The cover plate will cover any gaps between the box and the opening in the panel.

STEP 4. Enjoy the Process.

Take your time with installation, use care, don’t take shortcuts and appreciate both the installation process as well as your gorgeous finished wall.

Tips. MAKE STRAIGHT LINES. Make sure you’re using a level to keep the boards straight.

Check it out. Congrats on your not-so-hard work! Ensure a completely secure bond and smooth surface by patting down your new decorative wall panels, no roller needed. Once your panels are fully secure, feel free to spruce them up with pictures, shelves, and other home accents.

We hope this LUX LES Dom-Dekor wooden wall Peel&Stick panel installation guide was helpful! Now you can enjoy the stylish look of your new wall.


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