Custom design



Custom Wooden Wall Design


By. Alen Mahmutović


Lux Les Dom Dekor D.o.o.


Having a wooden wall or a custom-made wooden product in a home is a must. It does not only give a warm and pleasant look it also has thermal properties. Other benefits of wooden wall coverings are found in improvement of the indoor climate. Wood has a low thermal conductivity, which results in a room heating up or cooling down more gradually. When renovating or refreshing interior most people simply re-paint the walls, which can be quite an expensive project especially if it is done on a yearly basis. It is different with wooden wall decors as they are simple to maintain and last forever. I honestly do not like blank walls. In my opinion blank walls have no personality. No story. No warmth. No life.

When I started creating wooden wall decors it was love at first sight. Every project is different and what makes each project so interesting is the uniqueness of the nature’s creation. Each wall piece has a character and its own unique story. You are guaranteed to fall in love with its lasting warmth, homeliness and beauty.